Montag, 27. September 2010

NEOBUX Tutorial

I am going to show you now, how to earn 40 $ daily with almost no effort!
You will have to click on 4 advertisements every day, and when Your Account reaches 2.00 $ You can request a payout. Simple as that ;)

Here's how to do this by Yourself:

1.Make Yourself a Account on Paypal . Get sure You type in Your real information for the Paypal Account, because You won't be able to receive any payments elseway. You will get a small amount of money paid to your bank account, that you will have to tell Paypal in order to confirm Your Account. It will take about 1 day, until the money arrives on Your bank account. So if You don't have one yet, get Yourself a PayPal Account now!This is very important, because You will get paid over it!

2. Register at Neobux this Site over the banner:

This is the site which offers You the money if you click on the Advertisements for them.
This works, because they sell the clicks to Advertisers and they give You a percentage of their earnings back.
Choose Paypal as Payout option and type in Your Paypal-Email.
Now You will be able to make Your first money online!
And if You click on them every day and tell Your friends about it You can get 2.00 $ in a few days!

Go ahead and get started now!

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